Bio Henna - henna for eyebrows and eyelashes

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Brand: Brow Room
Article: BR001800
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Upon purchase of a totality of 3 pieces of any flowers - 15.000 tenges.
Cost by the piece - 6.000 tenges.
The standard Bio Henna set includes colors - Graphite, Dark Brown, Light Brown.

Attention: colors in a pack can be collected any.

Bio Henna — it is a unique product for coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes. Natural components enter a basis of henna. Plus of Bio Henna is that it doesn't contain chemical — урозол which often causes allergic reaction or burns. Bio Henna henna is intended for house and professional use. At the correct putting, the necessary consistence and hold time of henna (to watch the instruction for application) has firmness  up to 2 weeks on skin and up to 5 weeks on hairs. The Bio Henna set includes 3 colors: Graphite, Dark Brown, Light Brown. When mixing flowers it is possible to receive unique and unique shades. After coloring by professional henna you will notice improvement of structure of a hair and healthy gloss. Bio Henna to you will help to restore pereshchipanny eyebrows, to improve a form and to forget about a make-up of eyebrows.  Uniqueness of henna — these are beautiful and healthy eyebrows. Bio Henna — Your way for creation of ideal eyebrows.


Bio Henna colors can be mixed among themselves, for receiving a new shade.

Natural henna has a pleasant grass smell and a green shade. If powder of henna has a shade  black or korichny color (not green), it contains dyes, therefore is a chemical product. (All know from chemical products long ago it isn't necessary to expect any advantage).


Before coloring: remove a make-up in eyebrows and degrease skin a spirit napkin or special degreaser from Brow Room. Using a brush comb eyebrows diversely for an easy peeling of eyebrows, or use an easy srub from Brow Room (it is desirable a day before the procedure). Cut off edge of a nose for a convenient dosage of henna.

Training of structure: to fill small amount of powder of henna (Bio Henna) in the capacity (3-4 peas) and to fill in with boiled water by means of the pipette (temperature of boiled water from 90 to 100 degrees). Carefully mix structure to homogeneous mass, without lumps. The received structure has to remind olive oil. To allow henna to infuse 5 minutes. The intensity of color will depend on an amount of water and quantity of layers (al least 2 layers).


Coloring of eyebrows: Evenly to apply with the first layer on eyebrows strictly in a desirable form. If necessary to put still from 2-4 layers, after full drying of the previous layer. The general hold time of 25-40 minutes from the beginning of coloring. By means of warm water and wadded disks soak henna on eyebrows and accurately remove the henna remains. In the first 24 hours to refrain from any impacts on the field of coloring.


Structure: natural  henna, barium peroxide, citric acid anhydride, magnesium carbonate, sodium sulfite, p-aminophenol, grass powder of an amla, grass powder of a bringradzh.
Precautionary measures: 
Surely carry out the test for allergic reaction in 24 hours prior to the procedure;
Avoid hit of structure on clothes;
To store in the dry place without hit of direct sunshine;
To store in inaccessible places from children;
Be careful of fakes.


Contraindications: scars and inflammations in eyebrows, individual intolerance of henna.


Colors: Graphite ( 1 ), Dark brown ( 2 ), Light brown ( 3 ).

Firmness: from 3 to 14 days on skin, from 10 to 30 days on hairs. Individually.

Expiration date: 2 years after opening of a bottle. Bio Henna is made in India.

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