Usma oil growth factor of eyebrows and eyelashes

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This — oil of an usma (Gar-Gere) a growth factor for hair! Contains iron and vitamin C.

Active care of problem hair, treatment of a hair loss, treatment of baldness and fast restoration of growth of hair. Restoration of structure of hair after chemistry, colourings, eliminates fragility, does hair strong and healthy. For eyelashes and eyebrows — constant, regular application brings to become stronger hair a follicle and accompanies stimulations of growth of hairs of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Application for hair:
5-7 drops of oil of an usma on a tablespoon olive or coconut or almond or Amla's oils, for the night to rub in roots of hair and under a hat till the morning, to wash away with shampoo in the morning. In 2-3 weeks the result is already noticeable! In half a year hair grow even on age high temples!

Application for eyelashes and eyebrows:
Oil of an usma is applied in pure form on eyebrows and eyelashes at night, washed away by soap in the morning. 

Usma — southern, grassy plant. By cold pressing from it oil which is actively used as medical and cosmetic for growth of eyelashes and eyebrows is extracted. East women know many centuries about improbable properties of this natural natural means and use it. 

So, forget about building! You have in hands the invaluable material capable at small physical efforts and monetary expenses to make your eyelashes and eyebrows strong and healthy.

Is included in the package: Usma oil, a brush for putting oil of an usma, the instruction for application, a silicone cover with zip lock.

It isn't recommended to use at allergic reactions to similar oils.

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