White Brow Paste (paste for eyebrows of 50 grams).

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Brand: Brow Room
Article: BR003400
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Brow Pasta is a paste for eyebrows by means of which it is possible to create an ideal contour of eyebrows. 

It is special cosmetic structure which at the same time solves several problems when coloring eyebrows:

  • allows to create a faultless accurate contour of an eyebrow on points, individual for the client, on a face and to fix him by means of putting paste, at the same time the field of coloring remains in a contour;
  • protects skin which shouldn't be painted, from the pigmenting effect of dyes;
  • shows to the client future shape of eyebrows, giving an opportunity it in common to correct for achievement of optimum result;
  • looks after skin, feeding it and sating with useful minerals of natural origin.

Structure of Brow Paste from   natural oils: coconut oil, usma oil, cocoa butter and almond oil.

And main characteristics of a product:

  • mega the volume of 50 g (at regular use of volume is enough approximately for 12 months)
  • ultra white color
  • texture dense (doesn't flow, doesn't turn pale)

To remove paste from skin, it is possible usual wet towel wipes. (Quickly, & nbsp; conveniently and hygienically)

  • It is very important to use professional tools for eyebrows for achievement of the best result.
  • We advise to use goods from one range Brow Room.
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